A midwife is a trained medical professional who provides care before, during and after pregnancy. Midwives have helped women have safe pregnancies and deliveries since the start of time.

Midwives offer prenatal care and education, nutrition counseling, emotional support, pre-conception care and postpartum care.  Midwives have the authority to write prescriptions and are deemed primary care providers.

Cindy, our nurse midwife, is a registered nurse. She is educated in both nursing and midwifery and is a licensed, healthcare provider certified through the American College of Nurse-Midwives. While she no longer manages deliveries, she continues to provide excellent obstetric antenatal as well as gynecologic care.

According to the American College of Nurse-Midwives, midwives “honor the normalcy of women’s lifecycle events. We believe in:

  • Watchful waiting and non-intervention in normal processes
  • Appropriate use of interventions and technology for current or potential health problems
  • Consultation, collaboration and referral with other members of the healthcare team as needed to provide optimal health

We affirm that midwifery care incorporates these qualities and that women’s healthcare needs are well-served through midwifery care.”