Birth Plans

While we encourage our patients to understand the birth process, having a strict plan for the labor and delivery can be challenging, as events frequently occur that change the plan. Our ultimate goal is “Safe Mom, Safe Baby” while ensuring good communication and understanding by the patient and partner. It is your body and your baby: we want you to be comfortable with the plan, but also continue to have the flexibility needed to ensure a safe and healthy process. There are some specific events that many patients want to know about that are standard of care for all our deliveries. 

Skin to Skin

As long as there is not a concern for the baby that requires immediate attention, or if the mother prefers not to have skin to skin, all babies are placed on the maternal chest and stay there to enable continued skin contact. 

Delayed Cord Clamping

As long as there is not an immediate concern for the baby or mother that requires sooner clamping, there is a delay of 60 seconds prior to clamping the cord. Family members or the patient are able to cut the cord if they would like. 

Vaginal Delivery

We try for a vaginal delivery whenever possible and safe. Please read our Cesarean Section page.