Patient Testimonials

“The doctors and staff have all been incredibly supportive, kind, and caring. I came here with severe PTSD and trauma as well as multiple bad experiences with gynecological exams and procedures. Dr. Lemoine has been very caring and supportive and gone above and beyond in supporting me through necessary procedures and treatment. – Julianne W.

“Dr Lemoine performed surgery on me and it was an amazing, painless, very successful procedure. Her bedside manner cannot be beat. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, friendly, professional, caring OB/GYN, I highly recommend either doctor from the Colorado Women’s Health Center.” – Krista M.

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Mahoney. She was by my side while I had emergency surgery at 9 weeks pregnant and I believe she saved my life and that of my baby. Forever grateful for her and her staff.” – Gabrielle F.

“I had such a positive experience with Dr. Julie Mahoney and her entire staff for the first months of my pregnancy. A new job caused us to move out of the state but I loved my experience with the Colorado Women’s Health Center. Dr. Mahoney was down to earth, listened to all of our questions and helped me feel at ease for my first pregnancy.” – Heather S.

“Phenomenal experience at this practice. The staff and Dr. Julie Mahoney are incredible! They truly care about their patients.” – Chelsea B.

“Love Dr. Mahoney! She compasionate, kind, gentle!” – Karen T.

“Dr. Lemoine is wonderful. She delivered my first baby, who was breech and premature. While many doctors would just have told you what needed to be done, she took the time to explain to me what the safest option was for myself and my daughter. She is caring, compassionate, and an excellent physician. She was there with me every step of the way, answering any questions and never made me feel stupid. I would trust her again with the care of any family member, including the most precious and fragile 🙂 cannot recommend her enough.” – Angela W.

“I feel very fortunate to have found Colorado Women’s Health Center. I have interacted with many of the front desk and physician support staff. I found them to be very caring and professional. The doctors are very knowledgeable and personable. My experience has far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend this practice.” – Susan S.

“After finding out that I had Adenomyosis from my primary doctor. I was referred to Colorado Women’s Health Center by my sister. My sister had a cyst that was the size of a grapefruit that was causing her a lot of pain. After going from doctor to doctor and being misdiagnosed numerous times, she was referred to Dr. Julie Mahoney. Dr. Mahoney surgically removed the cyst and she has been great ever since. After suffering through severe pain, I was lucky to be referred to the Colorado Women’s Health Center. This practice consists of excellent Ob GYN Doctors who have an expertise in Women’s Health. These are confident women who excel in what they do. I was so impressed with the vaginal hysterectomy that Dr. Lemoine performed on me. I am 3 weeks post op and I feel great. The pain regimen that she used to control my pain was genius. Dr. Lemoine is such a knowledgeable, caring & personable provider. After surgery, Dr. Lemoine came and checked on me numerous times. She even called and checked on me while I was recovering at home. She really genuinely cares about her patients and that is a quality that is hard to find in most providers. I highly recommend choosing Dr. Lemoine for your Ob/GYN doctor, she is amazing!” – Latoya G